1. Content Storage Network (CSN)
  • Server: AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Ninefold Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Dedicated Servers
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Description:

This setup was one of its kind. It has been initially designed for www.gridblaze.com. Entire setup was spread across 13 geographical nodes, and each node consists of 5 servers. It includes multi-master MySQL Replication, Varnish setup with customized VCLs, Nginx, PHP, Git private server, and geo DNS system.

2. Oracle Fusion SOA Cluster
  • Server: Dedicated
  • Operating System: RHEL5
  • Description:

This cluster consists of two SOA nodes and two WSM nodes. It was built on 11g platform and extensive tweaking was done for better performance. WLST scripting was used for most of the administration work, e.g. Application deployments, Data Source creation, JMS Module configuration, etc

3. High Availability cluster setup using Heartbeat and pacemaker
  • Server: linode.com
  • Operating System: ubuntu 10.4
  • Description:

This project was to ensure uptime of the web sites running on servers hosted with linode.com. There was a frequent network outage which results in the downtime of web sites. I have used 3 servers for the setup. Packages used were Apache, Nginx ( frontend proxy ), heartbeat and pacemaker.

4. DB Clustering using PostgreSQL
  • Server: Amazon EC2
  • Operating System: Debian lenny
  • Description:

The project involved setup of PostgreSQL cluster which must provide Load balancing, High Availability and Online recovery if any node goes down. Setup included 5 servers, out of which 2 servers were used as DB servers, 2 servers worked as replicators and one server acted as a load balancer. Two clusters were setup and as an extension to the project, replication was done between both the clusters which were placed on different geographical localtion.

5. Postfix Setup
  • Server: Amazon EC2
  • Operating System: Fedora Core 8
  • Description:

The requirement of the project was to setup postfix as a relay host and support different authentication mechanisms as well. Secure authentication was also setup and spam filtering was done using spamassassin.