Thursday, August 1, 2013

AWS Launched Edge Locations in India

Good News for Indian users.

AWS finally launched its edge locations in India. Right now Chennai and Mumbai have been selected to serve Indian customers. This is really an exciting news for AWS lovers in India.

As per announcement made by AWS, the cloud giant has introduced Route53 and CloudFront services as of now. It helps India customers to build highly available DNS system and experience low latency. CloudFront will help in configuring CDN for your website / other services you have configured on AWS. CloudFront really boost performance when your services will be accessed within India.

Another advantage for Indians is cost saving. Right now Indian users have been routed to Singapore edge nodes which are costlier as compared to edge nodes launched in India.

We really hope that AWS will introduce other services too in India. Since India is a big market and there are billions of users accessing AWS services, it will be win-win situation for both AWS and Indian users.

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