Friday, July 26, 2013

Cloud Computing with AWS - Only For $10

Heard about Cloud Computing? Or Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services?
You're at right place to introduce yourself with AWS. Not with words, but with actions.

First things first - Click here to enroll at discounted price -
I am an open source enthusiastic. I have been working with Linux and UNIX for over 8 years. Currently working as AWS architect and solution provider.
I have come across many people, from individual systems administrator to small and medium entrepreneurs. All I have seen is that people still don't know what is AWS Cloud Computing and how it works. In simple words, most of the individuals lack one thing - "How AWS Cloud Computing works in real time!!!"

I have made an attempt to get everything in front of you with online practical sessions. So that you don't only learn about AWS but also see how various services can be configured and integrated with each other. You can get lot of text literature online, but you will not get these videos under one roof.

You will get lifetime access to these videos. Watch at your own pace and learn every bit of it. Here is the list of topics I have covered in the course:
  • Creating Virtual Servers in Cloud
  • Configuring Storage in Cloud
  • Deploy Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Cloud
  • Deploy Load Balancers in Cloud
  • Automatically launch new Virtual Servers in Cloud using AutoScaling
  • Monitor your services and get alert notifications on email and SMS.
  • Configure Highly Available DNS system in the Cloud.
And there is more. I will be conducting LIVE sessions every weekend where you can ask questions directly, clear your doubts and if time permits, I will walk over one specific topic which is there in the course as well.

So let's get started guys. If you learn this course seriously, then you can enhance your career growth since Cloud Computing is the next big thing in IT industry.

This course has been designed especially for the beginners. So have your share and start learning Cloud Computing with AWS.. RIGHT NOW.


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