Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AWS announces cheapest Archival system ever

We all know about Amazon S3, a famous storage solution provided by Amazon. S3 can be used for number of activities, it could be hosting static website on S3, store for images and videos, or as an origin for CloudFront.
Inspite of many feature provided by S3, it proves to be costly in case any one needs to keep backup on S3. When we deal with backups, we have to keep retention period of several months depending on the nature of your business. Keeping data for longer time adds up huge amount in your bills.

Now the question all of us can ask - How to keep the backup on cloud storage with a minimal cost?
That is where Amazon Glacier comes into the picture. Amazon Glacier is a low cost archival system provided by Amazon. You can host 1G of data for as low as $0.01. Isn't it amazing?

The best feature Amazon provides is the ability to archive data automatically from S3 buckets. You can configure policies for automatic archival. For example, you can configure that data older than 30 days can be archived automatically.

Here comes the big question? How to learn Amazon Glacier and how to integrate it with other AWS services. The answer is simple. Click here to join online course on AWS just for $30 and learn everything about AWS. This link provides direct access for enrollment with discount of more than 50%.

Hurry up! Join the course and start building your infrastructure on Cloud. 

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